Alex Jones promotes toothpaste he claims ‘kills’ coronavirus; FDA warns it’s fraudulent

Alex Jones ‘ Infowars. But today the borough of Oaklyn isn’t looking too kindly on the latest monkeyshines to invoke the name of the counterculture website. On Aug. COM” had been spray-painted in red and black paint. They collected forensic evidence at the scene of each incident that was submitted to the New Jersey State Police crime lab for processing. Each is being considered a separate act of criminal mischief. In fact, the beta version of the Planet Infowars social networking website even has a gallery of ” Street Art ,” where users are invited to submit images of various protest-themed political art, some of it graffiti, some not. Jones has formally discouraged illegal pamphleteering and vandalism in the name of the Infowars brand. Abbate, police believe that “someone may recognize the writing or may have information about someone who has shown interest in the website,” and are asking anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact the Oaklyn P.

The Prophecies of Q

I dropped out of film school to edit video for the conspiracy theorist because I believed in his worldview. Then I saw what it did to people. Illustration by Eric Yahnker. By Josh Owens.

After being bitten by a radioactive 9/11, Alex Jones must face the biggest challenge of all: opening his heart. Stars: Alex Jones, Julia Davis, Paul Joseph Watson.

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Tropical Storm Laura expected to make landfall in US as hurricane. Hear Trump’s sister criticize her brother in secretly recorded audio. These states have virus case counts that are trending upward. Analyst: Trump doesn’t have power to do what he’s threatening. Flames scorch roads in fires caused by lightning strikes. Trump says he knows nothing of ‘We Build The Wall’ project.

Wife of sick Russian opposition leader claims coverup. Runner spotted trying to stop spread of wildfire.

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And mother nature wreaks havoc close to home with Puerto Rico taking a direct hit from Hurricane Maria and a 7. We’ll also go over President Trump’s powerful UN address. Edward Group joins the show today to break down psychiatry’s covert agenda. We’ll also take your calls during this global broadcast. Tuesday, September 19th: Trump visits the UN to declare the globalist body will no longer enrich itself at America’s expense.

Gab CEO Andrew Torba joins today’s show to discuss how tech giants like Google are threatening to shut down his pro-free speech website in the name of fighting “hate speech.

The Alex Jones Show – July 3, – The Eve of Independence. Alex Jones Show. Date: 07/03/ On this Monday, July 3rd, transmission of the Alex​.

We all have a tiny Alex Jones in our brain. Radiation is a loaded term but it simply means the emission of energy. If we look at the type of radiation implicated in 5G, electromagnetic radiation , how much of an energetic punch it packs depends on where it is on the spectrum. Radio waves, microwaves and infrared radiation are low energy. Visible light is more energetic.

Even more potent is ultraviolet light UV , X-rays, and gamma rays. But 5G signals, used by more and more cell phone technology providers to allow faster speeds, are in the radio and microwave end of the spectrum. Compared to the fast sprinters of the ultraviolet range and beyond, radio waves and microwaves are sluggish. In fact, the 5G signal used by cell phones is actually 17, times less energetic than the least-energetic visible light ray.

The body of evidence we have on whether or not these signals can cause cancer strongly points to them not being able to. If they are concentrated enough which does not happen with 5G and would not be desirable , they can heat up objects that contain water, which is how a microwave oven works. But they are, to borrow the words of Douglas Adams, mostly harmless.

In fact, even if we turned off every cell phone tower in the world, we would still be bathed in these low-energy waves.

COVID-5G: How Distrust and Coincidences Empower the Alex Jones in Our Brain

American conspiracy theories are entering a dangerous new phase. If you were an adherent, no one would be able to tell. You would look like any other American. You could be the young man in headphones across the street.

The first was submitted by defendants Alex Jones, Infowars, LLC, Infowars Health​, LLC, Free Speech Systems, LLC, and Prison Planet TV, LLC. “The statute of limitations for a defamation claim begins on the date of.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is Central Standard Time, Eastern. And the metrics were off the charts about how many people were tuning in to InfoWars, numbers that were comparable to the networks. All of a sudden everybody was super-elated. We had some staff members that was just running around the office in a big circle. Now you see him right there. He’s got his wife there. History has been made today.

With Prison Planet (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

Jake Lloyd highlights the need for a comprehensive and longterm agenda, Roger Stone details the newest developments in the Russian collusion witch hunt, and Harrison Smith details the years most consequential events of the year. Furthermore, President Trump is considering an executive order banning US companies from using equipment from major Chinese firms in a move that would occur while the two nations are striving for a permanent trade deal.

Trump embarks on a surprise visit to the troops in Iraq, forcing his detractors to eat their words, the government shut-down goes largely unnoticed by the vast majority of Americans, and Germany legalizes child marriage for Muslims. Plus, a caller from Missouri breaks the news that a Middle School Principal called child-services when his daughter opposed the schools trans-gender agenda. For over years, the Federal Reserve has had a hand at fueling stock bubbles, which ultimately triggers a necessary correction and the resulting recession.

IN THE GREATEST COUNTRY ON PLANET EARTH, a fund meant to rescue to bring the House back on April 20, which is the current target date. InfoWars, that promote unproven silver products including toothpaste as.

Top neocon Senator John McCain passed away after a months-long battle with a brain tumor. Colleagues from both sides of the aisle – and even George Soros – have expressed their grief over the passing of the veteran and failed presidential candidate. Meanwhile, Pope Francis has been accused of covering up for the ongoing pedophile scandal unfolding in the Church, and calls for his resignation are growing. Roger Stone comments on the latest regarding President Trump and the Mueller witch hunt.

We also take your calls on the current issues facing America. The DOJ is working to shut down transparency in a bridge collapse, overrule the 10th Amendment with pot prohibition, steal property without due process, continue persecution of political prisoners, allow persecution of Christians to continue even after SCOTUS shut it down — and he allows the Stalinesque tactics of Mueller to continue.

YouTube has officially terminated the War Room channel right when it was getting more popular than ever simply for Alex Jones making an appearance.

Damages Action Against Prison Planet

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It also pushed Jones, who operates the websites and Prisonplanet.​com, from the realm of niche showman into mainstream US.

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