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Burned by bad dating advice and tired of making silly mistakes with men? If you are serious about being a success story, Call Kim Not Him! Rather, I listen carefully and coach them on how to get a proposal. Believe it. So are clients who worked with me and got the ring! Some learn by rote from the book. Some learn organically from role models and personal experience. I am an American Vietnamese. Born and raised to be a Rules Girl from the cradle. My mother married at 17 and my grandmother at

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Certified Rules Dating Coach. Happily married and helping women get to the altar. My motto is, “Marry a man who loves you more than you love him. Believe it. I’m living proof!

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Sign up Log in. What do a female comic and a professional wing girl have in common? Send your questions to ask askwomenpodcast. Listen on. Where to listen. Sponsor: Anchor. Dating Coach Kim Seltzer. Go to next audio Go to next audio. Go to prev audio Go to prev audio. So, this week, we have Dr. Alise Cortez on to talk about having passion and purpose and WHY it’s just so darn sexy and appealing. But, how do you figure out what you’re passionate about in the first place?

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Tired of confusing advice from friends, bloggers, and inexperienced coaches? Strict But SUccessful Dating advice. These 35 controversial yet effective rules helped millions of women marry Mr. Whether you’re 16 or 60, this book will help you date with dignity, standards and self-esteem to marry the man of your dreams.

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Before we started working together, I felt so much uncertainty about men, relationships — and myself. I was SO afraid to ask for all that I wanted and was concerned I would never have my needs met. After working with you, I now have a dream relationship and we just got married in Hawaii! Kim always said I would meet my dream man when I least expect it — and she was so right!

I am overjoyed to now be married to the man of my dreams! Before working with Kim, I had many walls around my heart. Now, I can see how beautiful men are and they truly want to make us happy. In only 2 sessions I shifted from being an angry, dramatic Diva to a goddess who values and fully embraces myfemininity. I am now in the best relationship of my life! I spent years in therapy but Kim immediately saw many of my blindspots that no one had ever pointed out before.

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Want to know what it takes to nurture your child’s mental strength? A beautiful poem paints a picture with a powerful story and message. Some poems can coach us to be aware of something valuable in us. This poem is entitled the Plain Old Oyster. It just means you respect yourself more. Still recovering] Commit to daily ritual of self-care.

Author: Kim Evazians. Certified Rules Dating Coach. Inspiring. Empowering. Life-​changing. Strict but successful advice for women with matrimonial.

My approach focuses on healthy relationship habits, navigating relationship conflict, and self-empowerment. With a unique background combining an education in Sexuality Studies and Sociology BA and training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and life coaching, I offer a holistic and versatile take on love. As the senior communications manager at PeopleLooker, Chris Vitale provides expert opinion on all things online dating. He is on the cutting edge of online dating trends, and is regularly quoted on topics ranging from online dating best practices, safety tips, pros and cons of dating apps and related topics.

Chris believes in the power of data to better inform everyday decision making, and nowhere is this more true than the arena of online dating and romance. Coleen Singer is a writer, photographer, film editor and sexpert at Sssh. She is also the editor and curator of EroticScribes. When she is not doing all of the above, Singer is an amateur stock-car racer and enjoys modifying vintage s cars for the racetrack. Oh, she also likes porn. I also received sex therapy certification through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists.

I focus on the power of understanding how emotions like fear and anger can be detrimental in our relationships. Discover the power in communication and the advantages of listening from a deeper place of understanding. Sarah is the founder of Couples Learn, a successful online therapy practice. She provides online couples therapy and online individual therapy to those wanting to create lasting love or enhance their relationships.


You tried the online dating thing and got so frustrated and gave up. Or maybe you are still doing it and not getting great results. Believe me, I have been there.

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The barre is my best friend. It’s next to impossible when you’re not! Even a little extra weight can undermine your confidence. It can also keep guys from asking you out, because most guys prefer thin, healthy women with long hair and smooth skin. Looking for Mr. Eat less! Women come to me for advice on how to do The Rules and be happily married. I tell them, “You cannot chase men or tell them how to date you. Turkey in Therapy.

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Here you can safely ask your dating or relationship question and get expert advice – it’s that simply! My customized coaching is practical, applicable and will empower you with the confidence and skills to succeed in Navigating the Dating Maze! Gain confidence, increase the quality of your dates and reduce dating drama. Get your free copy today! Kim is a wonderful!

Kim’s Success Story. Kimberly was awesome. As a dating coach, she really listened to my concerns and was able to pinpoint the habits and behaviors that were.

A year and a day after they first met, Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries filed for divorce. Here, match. The couple were married within just nine months of dating, but some of the most successful marriages have started in a whirlwind fashion. So what was it that rang alarm bells? Romance is based on desire, which is fuelled by very undomesticated things like mystery, longing and uncertainty.

Marriage, in contrast, is a partnership that benefits from certainty, routine and stability. If Kim expected to wake up to rose-petal messages every morning, she was being unrealistic. Kim, meanwhile, wanted to stay in LA. What this reveals is that the couple failed to discuss the logistics of married life before they began it. Some marriage advice — avoiding conversations about the future is a big mistake.

Not only should you ensure you and your future spouse want the same things from life, you should also know that you have the ability, as a couple, to discuss them. Because issues like where you live, preferred parenting styles, religion, finances, family and socialising will make up most of your married life.

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I just wanted to share some wonderful news with you… I am recently engaged with a wedding date planned for the near future! I thank you so much for your guidance and advice over the past year. Without God and you, I would not have become the woman I needed to be for my soon to be husband. Thank you so much for teaching me the fine art of blending The Rules with the Secrets of the Modern Geisha.

Kim is passionate about helping you have the relationship that you truly desire. Founder of Relationship Coaching Institute, author of Conscious Dating and.

My Mom explained to me that Grandma has many marry-able daughters. They were from the same generation of Original Rules Girls who kept men waiting nervously in the front parlor and were often described as:. Have a dating question? Need a Rules analysis? The more independence and financial stability a woman has on her own, the less likely she will settle for unworthy suitors who have a high degree of old school toxic masculinity and male chauvinism.

I dated a lot of Vietnamese guys and many of them seem spoiled by their mothers. My ex-boyfriend once put dry rice in the rice cooker machine and pushed the ON button without even washing it and without adding any water. I knew that if I corrected him, it would crush his fragile ego.

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Contact Us. Recent Articles. Join Us! You can get engaged in a year or less by following my strict but successful dating plan.

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This week you are in for a treat – I am talking shop to fellow dating coach, Anwar White. We also dish on some of our favorite topics like the biggest dating stumbling blocks we see, our thoughts on two Netflix dating series, and our number one priority for our clients. Tune in to hear two dating coaches talk shop and offer dating advice too! Today, I will be talking about the Netflix show, Indian Matchmaking! As a former matchmaker, I had a lot of thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the series.

I just had to get on the mic to talk about four of my favorite characters, some of the lessons you can take away from each of their experiences and I even offer dating advice for them, in case they happen to be listening!

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